Day 4

Late to bed and early to rise means I had a very long nap this afternoon.

I went to the doctor this morning and felt the usual shame as I tried to explain how I got to where I am but how I am trying t o fix that.

I had blood work done and fear what the results may be but I guess they can only get better.

First day of new part time job. UGH.

Breakfast: Tomato and avocado omelette


Thoughts: I am starting to taste food again

Lunch: Peseant Bean Soup Leftovers


Thoughts: Too tired and too short on time to do a fresh meal.

Dinner: Fried Egg Asian Lettuce Wraps


Thoughts: This was kind of made up on the spot. It was about as good as it gets after a long day. The chopped up cashews were unbelievable

Snack: Cashews and dried apricots (Starting to like these)


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