Day 6 Cheat day

I decided that I would allow 1 meal on 1 day as a cheat. That means that I can eat anything for that meal and I can’t feel bad about doing it.

Well turns out that I can feel bad, not guilty bad, but sick in my gut bad. Lesson learned. Instead of choosing carry out I need to do the dishes and make my dinner.

Breakfast: Tasted Oatmeal and Blackberries


Thoughts: Used regular oatmeal today and it was mushier but pretty tasty. Better than the chewiness of the steel cut.

Lunch: Dijon mustard Tofu Wraps


Thoguhts: Pretty good. Need more sauce to tofu ratio.

Dinner: Chinese take out – Hot and sour soup, Steamed Potstickers and fried scallops


Thoughts: I can’t go to far from the bathroom. The meal was good but not worth the pain. I have had better tasting meals in the last week. Should have just had the soup and been done with it.

Snack: Cashews and dried apricots (ok I am really starting to like these)

With one day left in my first week of Fresh 20 meals I have found I have very little left over produce/ groceries which is the first time in a long time that I have not thrown out a bunch of stuff because I didn’t get around to using it before it went bad.

20150606_173840 This is what is left!!!! And I still have another day of food to make!!!


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