Day 7

Tonight I write this entry with the use of one and a half hands. Yep the klutz in me struck again. I was working most of the day in the yard, trying to tame the wildness that it has become. I went to Lowe’s for a few things and upon returning I was walking in from the garage and missed the first step into the house. I twisted my ankle, which I broke when I was 12 and has ever since been weak, and fell forward. Out of instinct, I put my arms out to catch myself but I was far too close to the wall and door. My hand crashed into the wall and my pointer finger jammed itself back into my hand.

My ankle hurts some and I am sure in the morning I will feel the full amount of damage it endured, but currently my finger is tapped up with a splint and my middle finger, to immobilize it, because it hurts like a word I probably shouldn’t use. If the pain is worse, or the swelling doesn’t subside, I will be heading to the doctor tomorrow.


Because of my busy day and low amount of food left for this weeks groceries (see yesterday’s post) I decided to get fajitas from my local Mexican place. They make everything fresh and don’t use a ton of grease or fats. There is no cheese (only a little on the beans) and I choose to avoid the carbs of the rice. I did eat one tortilla though. It was fabulous.

After my fall, which caused me to nearly pass out, I decided to get some Ice Cream. Not all my habits will be unlearned in a week. I know that I shouldn’t justify unhealthy food because I got hurt, but there it is… I can’t take it back now and I refuse to guilt myself into feeling less of a person because I at some ice cream.

I got a small brownie cookie dough blizzard. It was OK. I for once in my life ate it rather slowly and when I was done I was satisfied and didn’t feel the need to get anything else. My hand and ankle still hurt like hell, but I no longer felt like feeding the emotion, where in the past I would have felt like I needed to follow up the ice cream with a 2 liter of soda and possibly a whole pizza.

So tomorrow starts week 2 and I am feeling pretty good. I have my food and am ready to enjoy another week of fresh cooking. So far I don’t miss too much food, other than cheese and the occasional lice of bread (I am talking good bread like an artisan loaf or french bread).

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs and avocado with tomato


Thoughts: Avocado was not good so I scrapped it off. Probably need to choose a little less ripe avocados next time.

Lunch: Chicken Fajitas and re-fried beans


Thoughts: as always these are awesome. Only ate half.

Dinner: Last of the veggies free for all


Thoughts: Combined the greens and broccoli with the second half of lunch and heated them then put them on what was left of the romaine lettuce and topped with tomatoes. Not bad. Had a lot of flavor.

Got the last bit of groceries that I couldn’t get via Green Bean Delivery and found a 40 oz bag of dried apricots. WOOT WOOT!!


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