Week 2 and Week 3 of the Fresh 20 reset

Week 2 was a pretty good week despite the need to go to the Urgent care as my finger swelled to nearly twice it’s original size. Amazingly I didn’t break it. The NP was more shocked than I was about that fact.

20150609_003757 20150609_131330 20150609_131509

Following the diet this week was hard. Not because I wanted crap food but instead I didn’t want the meals that were planned. I did a lot of improvising. I had a couple of meals from take out due to laziness and time constraints but I kept them healthy and on track.

Then the weekend hit. I drove 6 hours North to visit my sisters and parents while celebrating my niece’s pregnancy. After having worked late on Friday and driving all morning I was exhausted. At the baby shower my sister had cook out food and I dove in wholeheartedly. To my credit I only drank water and didn’t have any snacks prior to eating lunch. I also tried to have larger portions of the vegetables but I know that the “salads” were laden with unhealthiness via mayonnaise and sugars. But everything was good and I enjoyed eating it. Then for dinner I brought a bunch of veggies from home and made a Kale, Zucchini, and Mushroom tofu quiche for my parents, aunt and sister. Everyone enjoyed it and I was back on track.

Then on Sunday I went back to my sisters house and ended up eating leftover cake for lunch. I had to trow out part of it because it was just too sugary but I still regret eating it at all because that was what really started the down slide. That night after another 6 hour drive home I ended up ordering a pizza.

giphy (1)

Week 3 was full of eating out despite the multitude of veggies in my fridge. I just couldn’t find the motivation to cook. I wasn’t eating as horribly as I had prior to the reset but I certainly wasn’t eating like I should. Processed food, sugary drinks, dessert when I didn’t need it. So much of my old habits. I found myself hungry despite having just eaten and the more I ate the more tired I felt.


The week was crazy busy with vet visits (my dog got into something and was pretty sick), work (2 jobs), and 2 doctors visits for myself as well as 1 surgery for my best friend (I drove her and was there the whole surgery). I didn’t plan and didn’t have energy to do what I should have. I made some good choices when eating out but I made many more unhealthy ones. But today I made some strategic moves to get back on track starting in the morning. I really needed to drive tonight for some extra cash but I figured that getting organized was more important. So back at it!!!

These are all the healthy meals that I had and remembered to photograph. A lot of breakfasts were just nuts and dried apricots.


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