This is Me

20140411_212430My Name is Bryn and I am obese.  I want to loose weight so I can do many of the geeky things I love.

I have been a traveler and a geek my whole life. In 2012 I merged these two passions by making a trip to the San Diego Comic Con into an epic cross country adventure in geekery. This successful expedition led me to travel (or plan to travel)to other geek related places. I have/hope to visit locales across the world from some of my favorite books, TV, video games, and film, including ancient ruins and modern theme parks and of course the ever present comic book convention. The list always seems to be growing and I am always itching for the next adventure.

In my non-traveling life I have been a marine biologist, teacher, research scientist and am currently in Medical School, but I am also hoping to turn travelling into a career (if even just part time). No matter what I am doing professionally I always find time to fulfill my wanderlust and satiate my geekiness.

Being svelte and healthy will make achieving all my dreams just a little easier. I am ready to stop letting my size be the crutch for not living to my full potential.


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